Psychological Warfare

by Marc Broude

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*Originally released on limited edition 7" vinyl in 2006. A minute was omitted from each track upon the initial release. This digital download includes the original unedited track time.

"Psychological Warfare is a soundtrack to forced religion and psychiatry"

Occasionally, amongst all the generic and forgettable industrial, there appears something arresting, a track or two that actually stirs emotion. Marc Broude has released just those kind of tracks but two tracks only. Heavy on distortion but with a depth and intelligence of sound that demonstrates real talent 'Psychological Warfare' is refreshingly listenable. Marc initially released these tracks in 2006 but has remixed and re-released them as a free digital download.

He explains what motivates him to keep creating and, hopefully, when he plans to go back to the industrial genre.

"I released two tracks because I felt fulfilled after just two and thought a full-length would be redundant. I was originally pissed off I used the Yamaha RS-7000 for drum sequencing and not real drums and once I realized that I made that mistake I hated these 2 tracks. One of my friends loved them though. They were released in 2006 on a 7" but there were only 50 copies pressed and they sold via MySpace. I never released it on anything but the 7" so it was unavailable to anyone that didn't buy it on vinyl. I forgot it even existed until I found a used copy at Reckless Records here in Chicago. Spending money to make a full-length version also seemed like a bad decision because the genre and overall sound of "Psychological Warfare" was declared dead in the late 90's and it seemed like bad timing. Also, I was involved in a bunch of other projects at the time and couldn't focus on one particular sound or genre."

"I now appreciate and love the tracks and now that they are available lots of people seem to like them too which is encouraging and almost makes me regret not doing a full-length but maybe in the near future."

"The change in musical direction started when I composed my first song (after 'Warfare'). I don't listen to one particular genre and don't understand creating only one style. I have never created anything that I think people want to hear but what inspires me and what I feel so wherever I am mentally, a soundtrack follows. 'Medicine' for example is supposed to an audible acid trip..where the listener can let everything go, lay down and transcend to a new place. 'Psychological Warfare' is more of a soundtrack to forced religion and psychiatry and a protest against overly polished modern music and homage to rougher 90's styles, 'Rites of Zen' is very according to the title..a long-form piece to fall asleep to."

"I do plan on going back to industrial. I have been planning it out. I want to do something completely different, real drums, shredding guitars and interludes of metal a metal pipe gliding across a cement floor."


released January 1, 2006

All music written, composed & produced by Marc Broude
Mastered by Judson Leach
Mixed by Judson Leach
Artwork by Rodrigo Damian

Copyright © 2006, Marc Broude
Copyright © 2006, NoZen Records




Marc Broude

Marc Broude's work encompasses ambient music, experimental rock and industrial.

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